Tuesday, December 8, 2009

American Honda Sales Alert...

Honda will Pass Chrysler for 4th Place in U.S. Sales

According to Automotive News, American Honda is passing Chrysler Group to become the No. 4 auto maker in the United States. Through November, American Honda had sold 1.044 million units, holding a 200,000-unit lead over Chrysler. At this time last year, Chrysler led Honda by 21,000 units and squeaked out a 25,000-unit victory at year's end. “We only look at our sales and our objective,” said John Mendel, American Honda vice president. “We may look at Civic and Corolla or Accord and Camry, but not at who ranks where.” Mendel says the current recession has thrown everyone's sales numbers into confusion. “We are all in the same hospital, and some of us are more critical than others,” he said. “Everyone is hurting. We cut Formula One. We cut 200,000 units of production. It was the right thing to do, but it was painful.” He added: “Either you pay in production cuts, increased fleet sales or increased incentives, but everyone is paying right now.” Click here for more from Automotive News on Honda’s recent sales figures.

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